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Things that I am doing or considering doing that are helping me cope with and heal from the affect of PTSD and clinical depression

These things are things I actually do that help. I have had ptsd almost my entire life so I feel like I have become a pro at dealing with it. 534 more words


Post #199. Laughing at my pain.

When I began this blog on Rosh Chodesh Nissan (01 April 2014), I had a visual plan in my mind’s eye of writing 200 journal entries as I recorded my pain and chronicled my recovery from the narcissist’s abuse. 551 more words


Still Here

When the outer world

becomes so loud

and my own quiet voice

can’t be heard,

I remember

all that I have

walked through,

and I know

it is still here.


Praying for Ourselves

Last weekend in worship, as a part of the sermon, I spoke about the power of good questions, and how they can draw us deeper into our relationship with God.   536 more words


OUTside comfort

I am on a mission to get OUTside my comfort zone.  To take the scary and necessary steps.  To transform my life for the… 110 more words


Gay Shouldn't be A Label

Ashley-Pierce’s Coming Out video

Is all over the web. Some people are shocked at how his parent reacted to his ‘Coming out news’ . Other like me (Who grew up in a religious judgmental home) feel he was one Brave S.O.A.B. 686 more words

Crazy Stuff

Nothing To Fix Here, Folks....Move Along

Went out last night for game night, had a blast, and hung out with Irish Girl. Yea, I saw quite a bit of her in the last week, but it balances out. 427 more words