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Inside of Hogwarts Part 1


Surprisingly getting into the castle didn’t take long considering it was the grand opening of the Wizarding World at USJ. We waited for about 20 minutes or so in an outside line before we made it into the castle but after we made it in there was pretty much no line at all & we were able to take pictures & look around at ease without worrying that 500 people would be cutting in front of us if we did. 19 more words



So, this isn’t strictly a movie related post, but it kind of is. Anyway, it’s my blog, and i can post what I darn well please. 710 more words


Hufflepuff Haters

Okay, don’t think I’m crazy but I’m seriously about to go off on a Harry Potter rant about something that pisses me off so much about the people who kind of sort of follow this fandom. 513 more words


It's Time

After our surprise encounter with Tom Felton it was finally time to enter into Hogsmeade! Tom Felton really waved the wand to get the magic started so by then we Stevanie & my heart was racing faster then you could say,  114 more words


Me at the Park

So, Kay and I go down to the park quite frequently. It’s a nice little place; a big football oval with a playground, cricket nets, a clubhouse, and a big parking lot that kinda ruins the imagery. 881 more words

Doctor Who

Hunter (Supernatural x Harry Potter CROSSOVER)


After a bad camping trip that left Vernon and Dudley dead because of a Wendigo, Harry decides on his chosen career path as a Hunter. 43 more words

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