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How to Make Writing Your Own

In Joseph Harris’s composition, Rewriting: How to Do Things with Texts, he explains how to plagiarize without actually plagiarizing. This composition shows that writing is more than just our own words, it is a combination of other literature. 166 more words


Dublin via Loughrea - 1886

St. Paul daily Globe, 18 December 1886 p4

Dublin Dec 17
Mr Dillon and Mr O’Brien arrived here today. Both are much disturbed and hurt physically. 127 more words

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I was confused as to why Harris subtitles his book “How to  do Things with Text.” I understand why J. L. Austin, a philosopher, would name a book that, but why would someone who is trying to teach better, concise, and intriguing writing use the wording “how to do things with text”? 195 more words


A New Style of Writing

While reading the introduction to Joseph Harris’ “Rewriting”, I felt I have been directed towards a new style of writing. Harris explains that his goal when writing this book was to show his audience how to use other texts from various author’s in order to benefit our own text. 285 more words


A New Model For Rewriting

The introduction for “Rewriting” by Joseph Harris was very thought-provoking. It showed me a new approach on how to read certain texts and then try to comment and add on to them, but also to make it my own. 279 more words


I Love Chaos (and so should you) Part 1

By: Bill Harris Have you ever felt that your life was in chaos?   I thought so.

How to be original while staying inspired

I really like how Harris says “Our creativity has its roots in the works of others” (pg 2) , because when you think carefully about it, that is the truth. 169 more words