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College writing and the "generative paradox" of academic work

For the first week or two of our class, I’d like us to reflect a bit on what it means to be a student and what you can do to make the most of your college experience. 243 more words


The intro of Joseph Harris’s text Rewriting contained brief explanations on what was going to be in each chapter. Harris made many insightful, interesting and suggestive remarks and brought up some confusing yet valid points. 257 more words


What's the secret to true revision?

In the introduction Joseph Harris explains that although “there has been much talk about the importance of revision, there has been little substantive advice on how to do it” (7). 75 more words


The Introduction To An Insightful Path

After I had read the introduction to Harris’s “Rewriting“, it gave me a new insightful meaning with language as a whole. The concept that you are interpreting the text, thoughts, our ideas and recreating them into your own is quite astonishing. 113 more words


Could you ever look at your paper as if you never read it?

When reexamining the introduction in Joseph Harris’s Rewriting, I was intrigued by the concept of editing your own text as if it was written by someone else. 107 more words


Actions With Words

While reading Joseph Harris’ Rewriting, I found it interesting how he explains that one should not focus necessarily on what a speaker or author means by their words. 132 more words

Oh No! Am I the Culprit?

While reading Rewriting by Joseph Harris, I became aware of just how influential the works, thoughts, and ideas of others shape how I live and think. 167 more words