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You have to ask.

I don’t want to go to the hospital to watch my mother in law die. I will if I have to. I will if I’m asked. 518 more words


Why it is hard to make tough decisions

The good and the bad; the right and the wrong; they are black and white options. It may seem like one would naturally gravitate towards what is best for us, but really is that so? 366 more words



This post will not be about writing or mental illness but it will be 100% about being human.

I have two dogs. They are my children. 208 more words

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Loosing A Love In My Life

This post is so very hard to write and I spent yesterday evening crying over the decision I’ve just had to make but I know that in the long run it will be best for all of us. 744 more words


Un difficile decision - one of many more to come

Probably the hardest of them all, are decisions. I say “of them”, but I don’t really know if decisions are a part of any group of things you make in life. 349 more words

Decisions, Decisions

The job interview went wonderfully! I walked down to the Market, strolled in, and she greeted me right away. She handed me a form where I wrote my name, references, my address, phone number, etc… Then she talked as if I had already gotten the job! 389 more words


The Struggle Is Real

Almost a year ago now, I found myself starting a relationship (long distance) with a friend of a friend. It started out slow, messaging on social media every day after school and before bed. 430 more words