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#17 - In Your Pants!

Alas, the origins of the vlogbrother’s “In Your Pants” jokes explained. Seems like Maureen Johnson was pretty much the originator of that idea. I’ve never read any of Maureen’s books, but that is something I will remedy in the near future. 23 more words


The Robots Are Coming

The first-ever robot swarm, where hundreds of tiny kilobots organized themselves into different patterns without any human interaction. Does this mean the robot apocalypse is here? 38 more words

Dazzle Me With Science

#15 - All the Single Ladies

I could answer the survey, and maybe I will at some other time, but a lot of nerdfighters have already done that. You can just scroll through the Youtube comments and see them. 109 more words


Open Letter to A[nother] Friend (or, “A Series of Deeply Awkward Events”)

I debated for a bit whether I wanted to post this on a public blog rather than just on Facebook, but decided that it was a sufficiently detailed and nuanced portrait of friendship that I would like to have it out there. 2,863 more words


#13 - House of Cards

I can’t remember the last time I wore “jammypants,” but hey, more power to Hank for his wardrobe choices. I also never tried building a house of cards, but I am thankful for Hank’s instructions on the matter. 9 more words


#11 - Book fight!

I must say, Hank’s book fight sequence was hilarious! I think it would be cool to have a John Green vs John Green book fight. That is, of course, several of John’s title fighting for relevance! 23 more words


For Your Periodic Viewing Pleasure...

More video resources today. I’ll keep this up until I have exhausted my subscription list on YouTube. For more science-related content, be sure to check… 231 more words