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224. ethos

A few days ago I was watching a video in Hank Green’s psychology Crash Course on attachment style theories, parenting styles, the development of self-concept, and Kolhberg’s Stages of Morality: 999 more words


Favorites: YouTube Personalities

Today I want to debut a new series on the blog called “Favorites”.

What I aim to do with this series is to showcase things that I might not otherwise talk about but I really love and enjoy. 452 more words

Pop Culture

#19 - Say Cheese!

Hank was worried about not having “high-speed’ Internet in 2007! What was considered “high speed” then? I don’t really remember, even though it wasn’t that long ago, but I certainly know that Internet speeds are certainly faster now, seven years later. 18 more words


Super Fight, Awesome New Card Game

So SourceFed Nerd has introduced me to an awesome new game called Super Fight. Now from looking it up, the rules they use on the show seem a little bit different than how it is actually supposed to be played. 161 more words


#17 - In Your Pants!

Alas, the origins of the vlogbrother’s “In Your Pants” jokes explained. Seems like Maureen Johnson was pretty much the originator of that idea. I’ve never read any of Maureen’s books, but that is something I will remedy in the near future. 23 more words


The Robots Are Coming

The first-ever robot swarm, where hundreds of tiny kilobots organized themselves into different patterns without any human interaction. Does this mean the robot apocalypse is here? 38 more words

Dazzle Me With Science

#15 - All the Single Ladies

I could answer the survey, and maybe I will at some other time, but a lot of nerdfighters have already done that. You can just scroll through the Youtube comments and see them. 109 more words