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Today is the day: Sat 30th August 2014.

Hanging like a mofo. I believe that’s the phrase. I am something of a reformed drinker these days – I was a horrible boozer throughout my twenties, earning myself the nickname ‘boozehound’ as I staggered around University and then Harborne with bottle of wine in one hand and my tattered dignity in the other. 469 more words

Day 1 - Old Beginnings

Well as the title suggests this is the beginning of my journey. 

Unfortunately I’ve been here before.

Hopefully this will be the last time that I have to return to the start.  29 more words


Cosy, Comfy, Hangover Glam

I am fierce. I am a feminist. I am fabulous…I am also fat.

Being a fat girl in England isn’t as bad as it used to be, I used to be bullied, pestered every time I saw a doctor, ashamed, and I used to hate shopping! 648 more words

Amazing Cardi

10 Effective Hangover Remedies-ad

10 Effective Hangover Remedies-ad

The morning after a great party is a killer, so make sure to have these cures handy!

100% Pure Squeezed Sunshine…
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August 29th - Balancing scales

“If your body was turned over to just anyone, you would doubtless take exception. Why aren’t you ashamed that you have made your mind vulnerable to anyone who happens to criticise you, so that it automatically becomes confused and upset?”

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Daily Review

Hungover Haiku #1 (poems)

The following are a collection of tweets written while in recovery from a night of drinking. The point is not to promote drinking or drug use as essential to a state of creativity, but as Bruce Lee says in developing his own martial art, you have to do what works for you -discard what doesn’t. 922 more words