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Who wants a letter?

Can’t decide who to send this month’s letter to, so let’s say first subscriber – old or new – who sends me a mail gets it ;)22 more words

Photo Fruit

A Haiku

Pencil fades too fast

soft strokes made in an old book

I miss your sweet hand 


Handwriting and Dementia

I was listening to an old “On Point” podcast about dementia (aired 2/19/2014), and I had to pause the show when there was a conversation about handwriting. 285 more words

Just Thinking

Three For Improvement (2014)

1. Handwriting.
2. Exercise.
3. Hospital food.
Not to be rude-
But at times, it can be crude.


Therapist Thursday: Back to School already??

Today’s Therapist Thursday comes from our friends at The Inspired Treehouse and is full of great ideas to prepare your children for school during the last few weeks of Summer! 785 more words


The Elegance of Handwritten Correspondance

The ability to send a note out into the ether with a mouse click seems to have rendered pen and paper obsolete. This is a difficult argument to sustain, however, when an envelope arrives – covered in foreign postage, or with a calligraphed “By Hand” in the corner – and when words, carefully measured by each dip into the inkwell, are scripted on heavy stock paper imprinted with the family crest (which we all have of course). 599 more words

Image Management

Letter Formation

Teaching Handwriting

Teaching a one-stroke method for Lowercase letters (except for “f, i, j, k, t, and x”) makes handwriting easier, neater, faster, and makes cursive easier when they are older.   334 more words