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God Delusion

Its funny we worship and thank god for nature and the world, yet destroy nature and the world. If only we worshiped nature/the world and destroyed god instead. XX
-Andrew Spencer


The Grace and Knowledge

The Grace  and Knowledge

The apostle Peter  has given us all  some dire warnings  in his effort  to protect us  in the true faith.     We cannot afford  to dismiss  his message  of love.     692 more words


The Joy Thief

So…when we think of people who take away our happiness, we usually think of that annoying co-worker or nosey classmate. Sometimes we even go far enough as to say that it’s Satan who steals our joy, and I think that one is occasionally true. 420 more words

I declare bankruptcy.

Also, I don’t know the first thing about getting a job.

The Chronicles Of RK

And the winner is...

So I’ve been asking God for guidance on which denomination I should join. Or whether I should even join one. Not that I think any one of them is better than the rest. 486 more words

A New Attitude

A Sign From Heaven

A Sign  From Heaven

We know how it is.     We always want  “a sign  from heaven”.     We want  to know for sure  that God really loves us  —  so we want  to see Him heal us,  provide a good job  to care for our needs,  bless us  with success  —  and all sorts  of things  like that.     717 more words