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Magnificent Mile Women's Chicago Half Marathon

I signed up for this race at the end of May when I saw a coupon code and the price was increasing the following day. I debated a lot since August can be really hot in Chicago,and anyone that knows me knows,I am not a big fan of hot and humid weather. 1,129 more words

Down with the Sickness


Ugh.  Running is hard. Like, really hard.

I’ve got some funking funk going on right now.  I’ve had a sore throat since last week.  I thought it was due to being back to teaching, but even after a four day vocal chord rest in the form of a super long, super welcome holiday weekend, it still hurts.   310 more words

Weight Loss

My Running Log: 4.14 Miles and 40 Minutes of Sweat

For the first time since June, the alarm rings because it’s time to get up for work. I’ve set it especially early for this morning. Up at 4:45, I’ll be out the door by 5, get my run in, come back, shower, and get to work. 724 more words

My Journey


This was a FUN new Half Marathon in Indianapolis, IN!! I live in Indiana and, until about 4 years ago – when I started running – I had NO idea how many fantastic running events they have here. 671 more words

In the last two days, I haven’t moved more than 20 steps at a time.

Why Molly, are you depressed?

Nope. But I am in pain. 463 more words

2nd Annual Hero-Up Half Marathon and 5k Runs Saturday

Most events I check off my list and start researching the next one, but there are a few, for one reason or another, that pull me back. 513 more words


For some reason I enjoy this running thing...

So back in April I ran my first half marathon for Macmillan Cancer care, this in itself was a major personal feat, as I am not what people would describe as a natural athlete – I possess very little in the way of coordination. 299 more words