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#001-30doh. Avocado Autumn ~ #010 August 2014 - Haiga and Haibun; Plus The Start of 30 Days of Haiga ~ September 2014

Hunter/Gatherer 2014

two days ago eleven avocados fell. some years I gather plenty of avocados from the tree. some years not so much. this year I do not count them on the tree. 303 more words

Rick Daddario

Why? (Haibun)

Autumn used to be my favorite season until I underwent chemotherapy back in 2006.  I was extremely sensitive to smells then – just like when I was pregnant – except this time around I had considerably less hair.  224 more words

tears (haibun)

chanting or praying

when I picture their faces,

brings me to tears

© Tournesol ’14

I don`t get it…at first I thought when I visualized the face of Amma when I chanted my mantra, it meant some form of connection, spiritual and blessed. 596 more words


Retrograde Motion

It’s August and dead leaves are already falling. Once upon a time you told me I didn’t know loneliness.

That’s probably where it all started. 9 more words


Beggar's Woods (Haibun)

My Pennsylvania town (or “Borough”) had one safe place for homeless people – a small wooded area close to both Route 30 and Interstate 81.  And the borough – in its infinite wisdom – tore down that wooded area and fenced it in. 398 more words

spices and herbs (haibun)

This prompt at Carpe Diem has me thinking a lot today. Reading some of the outstanding offerings of these poets inspired me.

Day dreaming has always been my favourite pastime since a very young child. 529 more words