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How to Find a Jew in Kosovo

25 September 2013


1. Ask old men. You have an unshakable faith in the wisdom of old men, in all matters from romantic advice to political perspective; you have no doubt that if there are any Jews around in this dreamy town of Prizren in central Kosovo, the old Albanian men you’ve seen in the coffeeshops will know them, will tell you where to go. 1,404 more words

The Irish Travellers/Gypsies...

 Now until recently with the explosion of programmes such as “my big fat gypsy weddings” and the like, the phrase ‘Irish travellers’ is unlikely to have meant anything more to you than an Irish person on holiday/travelling somewhere.  1,157 more words


Gypsies Left Him

In my family, we are all bookworms, except for Brad, who is an athlete. On Sundays, we all lie around reading or doing crosswords, except for Brad, who goes out to hit balls with bats and run rapidly in circles. 182 more words

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Imagine a TV program about your city or community, which was filmed in a different country, inaccurately presenting an entirely different people and an entirely different culture under your name.

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