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I'm Always Crying Over Something

I wanted to make a really cynical post about people doubling back on their word, but I starting missing my father too much. Also, it’s kind of difficult to write when you’re crying. 23 more words


Gwynn's Leaf Q Cards Were NEVER Signed

Not much is known about one of Leaf’s upcoming products called Leaf Q.  Leaf had a bunch of Leaf Q cards on display at their booth during the National.   254 more words

Card Info


There’s a song by Hi-Rez the rapper (this is the only rap song I listen to because I like the lyrics), and he says in the chorus, “if only there was a place, if you could just see my face; y’all would see I’m smiling.” I thought about this line for a long time because, to me, it makes me remember the days of having to put on a smile and a facade so people wouldn’t ask me about how I felt. 112 more words



Well we’ve come a long way since we started haven’t we? I’ve done so many of these that my speeches are starting to sound the same! 82 more words


We Wonder

We wonder why war is waged and hate is spread.

We wonder why those we love stab us in the back.

We wonder why those we love ignore us. 66 more words



I’ve found you.

The one person to make me feel alive again and it is a wonderful feeling.

I never though it could be possible for someone to quench the everlasting anger and hatred within my heart but here you stand before me. 120 more words


Cut Hands

Blood drips onto the page.

My hands are shredded from too much use.

You made me hold your thorny heart, and my hands bleed from writing about it. 91 more words