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The House of Sharing

The House of Sharing is a refuge and museum for the former comfort women of the Japanese occupation of Korea. This month, on the 24th, I traveled the House of Sharing to provide tours of the museum and verbally translate the halmunis’ testimonies into English for the tourists from abroad. 306 more words

House Of Sharing

Round 2: Fight!

I’ve been back in Korea for a week now with hardly a moment to catch my breath. Things are going fine so far in my second year, but I’m unsurprisingly swamped at the moment. 188 more words


6 Months In, 6 Months Out

It’s important to keep in mind that everything is temporary, especially life in Korea. That has its ups and downs, but, like it or not, this is a one-year-at-a-time kind of gig, and you’re always part-way in and part-way out. 573 more words


Teaching Abroad: A Day in the Life

A lot of people have asked us what our daily lives are like. We’ve tended to spend a lot of time discussing our reactions to cultures, events, excursions, etc. 59 more words


Gwangju Pub Crawl: Four Spots that Serve Your Favorite Beer

Gwangju, a metropolis of one and a half million people sprouting from the center of South Korea’s breadbasket province of South Jeolla, is often considered to be Korea’s number three cultural center: behind only Busan and Seoul. 2,601 more words

DIY Geekery: Pixelated Link Cookies

If you’re a geek that loves both cooking and math, then baking these nerdalicious Link cookies is just how you need to spend an entire Saturday afternoon. 177 more words

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