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Things I Didn't Get About "Fahrenheit 451"

A week or two ago, the Curmudgeonly Lion was teasing me about not having read “Fahrenheit 451″.

As a book commonly prescribed for high school reading programs it struck him as funny that I’d slogged my way through a number of the classics and yet had missed this one. 844 more words

Apropos Nothing

The boy who was wild for books – Bradbury’s update to Fahrenheit 451

Nobody inspires my passion for libraries, books and writing quite like Ray Bradbury. I’ll often read a chapter from his Zen in The Art of Writing with my first cup of coffee. 966 more words


"Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury

It’s a classic of American literature and I had the brilliant idea of reading it in French. And my French wasn’t even that good, mind you. 358 more words