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I Met Pixiwoo!!

Last Thursday I got into my car and headed off to Norwich again. This time it wasn’t for shopping or an event but I was going round Samantha Chapman’s house – yes really! 268 more words

Jordan Bone

Self-Knowledge 11 - the Self & the World part 1

In as much as the view of the World is a mirror image of the view of oneself since the identity of oneself determines the definition of the World. 938 more words


Who Needs An Older Sister When You Have Youtube?

Growing up without an older sister, you might have had to go through the awful process of trying everything out for yourself. Meaning, you probably at one point over-plucked your eyebrows and then drew them in Bert from Sesame Street style, ripped off more than your arm pit hair with wax that was way too hot, and went through the dreaded life-long curse of the period laid upon females, all alone. 478 more words


Quantum Reality part 5

“In a few years, all the great physical constants will have been approximately estimated, & the only occupation which will then be left to the… 880 more words


Semua Guru adalah Guru Agama

Bismillaahi washalaatu wasalaamu’ala Rasulillah.

Guru merupakan profesi yang sangat berperan penting dalam pembangunan bangsa. Karena kepada gurulah bangsa ini menitipkan generasi muda untuk dididik menjadi insan yang berkualitas. 516 more words


Light On Yoga

I’ve been reading every night before bed since I can remember. Doesn’t matter how late, tired or a few drinks in I may be, I have to peel back a few pages to ease my mind and release the day. 219 more words

Your Spirit

Spread the Love, Shovel the Shi'

What a MAD MAD week here on Knicker Island!

My butler Richie B, has been entertaining a few billionaires, and of course, ensuring they get a POWER coaching session with the Master of Tosh himself, Moi! 543 more words

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