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#RPGaDAY Day 11 - Weirdest RPG you own

I was going to write about Maid today as it’s certainly weird enough to qualify for the topic. But after getting about half way through the character creation process I’m left wishing that this game was less… well, creepy for me. 1,036 more words


Jukebox memories of 1918

… and so he walked through the haze of smoke towards the bar leaving his drink on the table to gather condensation. Her beautiful golden hair hung perfectly down her back, framed by the vibrant red dress. 204 more words

Story Kernels

The Pillars of Gaming

The D&D Starter Set is out. I don’t want to talk about that.

Instead, I want to talk about one of the design goals of the new edition, or the three pillars of D&D: Interaction, Combat, and Exploration. 746 more words

I Had An Idea...