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Headless guitar concept - day 1

So I don’t play guitar, but I really enjoy building them. I have been collecting bits and pieces while building other guitars, and I have been kicking around the idea of building a headless guitar. 720 more words


35 Songs Down, 15 More to Go

I mixed two songs tonight. I wanted to get some guitar playing in, but we’ll just have to settle for the mixes.

This one is sort of about how much money Market Basket lost during the whole CEO fiasco. 81 more words

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100 Days of Travel

Today we celebrate our 100th day of travel with a little cartoon. If you haven’t been reading, you may not get it. :-)

Costa Rica

AXL Badwater SRO Electric Guitar, Off White

Save $ 10 order now AXL Badwater SRO Electric Guitar, Off White at Cheap Guitars For Sale store. Daily reviews best acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and find cheap guitars for sale, used guitars on Ebay, Amazon… 14 more words

eBay and O-Ports

So as previously stated, I eBay on a rather consistent basis. Gives me some nice pocket change since I’m living at home “funemployed” and whatnot. Sometimes I pay off my student loans with it, other times it’s nice to buy a cheapie record or gear for my guitar (like this awesome… 580 more words


Any Problem You Can't Solve With A Good Guitar Is Either Unsolvable Or Not A Problem

There’s a lot of things about home that I miss including my family, friends, and my dog. Right now though I really miss my guitar. I’ve been playing guitar for a little over 5 years. 531 more words