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Jogg Box

My first Jogg Box arrived today. I got a discount code so thought I’d give it a try (for a tenner).

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Things I Like

How to soften your human

We had such busy days lately… Adapting in a new environment isn’t easy. Humans keep changing the places where they keep stuff, e.g. the laptops, so we never know where to look for it. 427 more words

Guinea Pig

Dobby’s Diary – Issue Number Two | Dobby the Capybara

Issue Number Two of Dobby’s Diary is finally here! Featured this time is a quiz: Are you ready for a capybara? It’s a dumb quiz, it’s way too long, and the answers are based upon an extremely small sample size of *one.* 143 more words

Stacy's Funny Farm

Which makes a better pet — a boar or a sow?

When people come to me looking for a pet cavy, this is usually one of the first three questions I am asked. And the short answer is always the same — I, personally, prefer boars. 703 more words


Herbs that Your Guinea Pigs Can Eat?

Guinea pig owners know one thing straight – these cute fluff-balls love to eat and can grind any all plant matter within seconds

However, Guinea Pigs are different from other grass eating mammals, especially rodents. 446 more words

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