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Is there no end to this cycle?  Round and round it goes.
Bolts of energy and motivation melts away giving me sudden exhaustion and pain. 159 more words

If you don't who will?

Fear is that thing that keeps you looking your best on the outside while eating you up from the inside, leaving you hollow and empty. What good is a wall that looks good but doesn’t have the strength to hold the roof up? 439 more words

Sex with the Bass (Part 2 Teaser)

Today was a banner day. I applied for writing jobs all day, one of them for an erotic ghostwriting gig. MEOWZA~!!! It called for a writing sample based on a sensual photo of a woman in black thigh high stockings with her male date in the background waiting on her every move. 362 more words


Letter to Myself

Dear brutal girl,

 Here you go again; your house is stained once more.  Now the dilemma; how to banish the suffering ghosts lying about.

Games of innuendo script played out; as you scribbled, he fell.  138 more words



This is so true, I know only too well as a professional Hypnotherapist and Holistic Counsellor, how damaging yesterdays limiting beliefs can be. Working with my clients on a daily basis I see the damage that yesterdays JUNK can hold – FEAR …GUILT, REGRET, HURT, LIMITING BELIEFS, be aware of the limiting beliefs that you may hold and take steps to rids these from your life and set yourself free to live a happy and fulfilling life. 23 more words


me and september 02. 2014

he rolls over on the couch and the blanket falls to the floor and he is sweating – still shaking from the nightmares and the heaviness of lonely on his chest. 421 more words


Harsh Reality, Meet Hope of the World

“Christians should be outraged!”

Have you heard this lately?  There seems to be no end to the things that we are expected to be outraged about.  1,628 more words