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World Centres

The world centres are a great way of getting your international guiding curiosity flowing. Back in 2011 a few guide units cobbled together and we went to Adelboden in Switzerland (where Our Chalet is situated). 433 more words


Totem Tuesdays~September 2, 2014

The totem for today is ….


Be clear about where your boundaries are. Stand your ground


When Bear comes strolling across your path:

305 more words

First Day of School

With the first day of school coming around, many students become either nervous, anxious or a combination of the two. Throughout my years attending instructional institutions, I found out that the first day of school is often the second best day (the best day is the last day of school) and one of the most enjoyable ones. 330 more words


Radical Rainbow Roses

This can be completed as part of the Craft Guide Interest Badge and the Craft Brownie Badge.

This craft only takes about 5 minutes to prepare but might take more than a meeting to show results. 154 more words


Guiding light

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.


Guide test page

Again, another test. Hello, world!

There are 88 cities in Los Angeles County. It’s a big city and has so much more to it than Beverly Hills, Universal Studios, the Walk of Fame, and all other advertised tourist attractions. 187 more words


Anatomy of a Mechanical Mod

This guide is intended to gently ease you into the very shiny world of mechanical mods, explain the terminology and how to use them safely. 1,126 more words