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Jenny Featured on Joni's Blog

Hey TD!

We look forward to seeing you all at our TD Kick-Off meeting this Friday!  It will be a special time.

Did any of you see Joni’s blog today?  279 more words

पूँजी करती वैभव विलास

भूतों के झुण्ड गुज़रते हैं
कुत्तों-भैंसों पर हो सवार
जीवन जलता है कण्डों-सा
है गगन उगलता अन्धकार।
यूँ हिन्दू राष्ट्र बनाने का
उन्माद जगाया जाता है
नरमेध यज्ञ में लाशों का
यूँ ढेर लगाया जाता है।
यूँ संसद में आता बसन्त
यूँ सत्ता गाती है मल्हार
यूँ फासीवाद मचलता है
करता है जीवन पर प्रहार।
इतिहास यूँ रचा जाता है
ज्यों हो हिटलर का अट्टहास
यूँ धर्म चाकरी करता है
पूँजी करती वैभव विलास।

- कात्यायनी


Guest post on A Thousand Threads: Brilliant Blues

My move to WordPress is taking longer than I expected, but things are still rolling. I should be live by the end of the week… In the meantime, catch me over on… 151 more words

Holiday Make Up Essentials by Beauty Barmy Bird

Hello!! *Waves* I’m Claire from Beauty Barmy Bird

So while Emma is away on her holidays shes been kind enough to give me a spot on her blog to share with you my holiday/summer make up essentials from my own make up stash. 1,066 more words


Guest Post - Upcoming Artist from YG Entertainment: Tokki

I welcome you all to my first guest post on this blog!

Based on my past posts, you can all probably guess that I don’t dabble very much in K-Hip Hop or Korean rappers. 365 more words


Guest Post: Author @elle_rush


Hi, Houston! Thanks for having me over to visit. I love travelling (even if it’s only virtually).

I may be on my third passport but I love my hometown of Winnipeg. 814 more words

Guest Post

Applying for exchange

If you’re thinking of applying for exchange, you’ll want to read this blog post! This post was written by 2nd year Arts student, Reanna Clark who is now off on exchange.  1,168 more words