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Teach Your Children Well

As a parent, I feel an extraordinary sense of responsibility to be the best parent possible for my two daughters.  By that, I don’t mean being a perfect parent, as no such creature exists, except perhaps in movies or in books. 

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What is “BetterEndingsNow!” to Me?, by Dr. Joshua Bertetta

{Dear Readers: Here is a treat (for me especially!). Joshua Bertetta of the intriguing blog The Story of the Four, and Ptero’s Card, has taken time to reflect on BetterEndings Now which he has been graciously following. 938 more words

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The Pitfalls of a "Semester to Save"

guest blogger Amy, VP of Marketing at HB

Last week, our 19-year-old announced that she was taking a semester off from college to save because she didn’t like going into debt. 377 more words

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Guest Blog: Matt McBrien

I love Sunday mornings in the fall.  It is the one day a week where I can sleep all the way until 6:30 instead of 6:00, and affords me the luxury of an hour or two of sipping coffee and perusing the Sunday Times, yesterday’s race results, and my email inbox.   249 more words

Matt McBrien

Spotlight On H. David Blalock #Imaginarium

SPOTLIGHT ON: H. David Blalock


How did you get involved in the upcoming Imaginarium convention?

As one of the authors associated with Seventh Star Press, I was invited. 445 more words


Your #1 Request: Fat Loss Supplements

Okay, okay…. I would prefer to talk about FOOD, but according to our poll, you guys were more interested in SUPPLEMENTS than anything else…

I tried to find a list of popular search terms in regards to ‘supplements’ but I couldn’t seem to track down specifics. 1,423 more words


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My First Guest Post

There are lots of new bloggers every day, day in, day out, weekdays, weekends, holidays . . . even on Sunday.

Many are old hats at having an internet presence, but many are taking their first baby steps in the shark-infested waters of blogging. 459 more words

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