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Donkey hotpot

The air seemed to get colder. As I looked up, the foggy sky over Guangzhou began to turn dark. Ah…night had fallen. The long and tiring day of shopping for building materials had come to a conclusion. 555 more words


Pearl River Delta and Lingnan architecture

In Guangzhou and the Peal River Delta, I often see the two Chinese characters for ‘Lingnan’ (岭南). Closely related to local Cantonese culture, the concept of ‘Lingnan’ is used to describe local architectural styles. 738 more words


Specialized IP Courts Established in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou; Song Xiaoming New Chief IP Judge

According to Xinhua, on August 31, the NPC passed legislation establishing specialized IP courts (http://news.xinhuanet.com/politics/2014-08/31/c_1112298943.htm) (“Decision of the NPC Standing Committee on Establishing Specialized IP Courts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou”) 702 more words


Der Spion, der ledig blieb

Ich habe es geschafft, habe geruhsame Tage auf der Hainan-Insel verbracht und bin nun wieder zurück in Guangzhou. Selbstverständlich werde ich das erlebte Urlaubsgefühl teilen, wenn auch nur in Wort und Schrift. 1,079 more words


First Fusion

There’s a term called “soy sauce western cuisine” 豉油西餐 when a Chinese restaurant localized western dishes to suit local tastes.

Tonight we ventured to one of them:  Tai Ping Koon restaurant 太平館餐廳.   181 more words


West of Guangzhou: The Sky and Earth Bagua Village of Licha

This village of western Guangdong province near the small town of Zhaoqing (肇庆) is known as the ‘Sky and Earth Bagua’ village. The term ‘bagua’ (八卦) refers to the eight trigrams of the Taoist philosophy. 740 more words


Skylines of many not-so-popular Chinese cities that will take your breath away too.

Once I mentioned about skylines, many of you would have thought of those popular big cities that are no doubt boosting some of the world’s best-looking skylines like Hong Kong, New York, Chicago, etc. 688 more words

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