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Fans flock to Vancouver film set to spot Grumpy Cat

Try not to be too happy, cat lovers.

Internet meme Grumpy Cat is in Vancouver this month filming her first movie for Lifetime.

The celebrity cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, has been spotted in Coquitlam Centre, Langley and other filming locations throughout Metro Vancouver sporting her signature scowl for the made-for-TV holiday movie, titled Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. 385 more words


The 7 Pages of Ads You Have to Click Through to Get to This Disappointing Cat Video!

Facebook users were annoyed to  to read a new article in which they had to click through 7 pages of ads to watch a video that was described as “disappointing” by most everyone, including the author of the piece itself. 312 more words


Grumpy Cat

On the back of a car at carpool yesterday.


The cynic who doesn't go to the movies

“Reading this book was like going to the cinema! This would be a blockbuster hit movie. Highly recommend!” ~from an ad on Goodreads

The cynic: it must be terrible, cliche, devoid of plot, and filled with meaningless explosions, robots, amnesia, and car chases.


Grumpy Mornings

Mornings are only as you let them to be.
But coffee is always liquid.

Cocktail Party Trivia (or a Useful Jeopardy Question)

File this in: “random knowledge that may impress”:

  • your 1%er friends
  • your boss
  • artsy folk that you would rather talk Pop Culture with but instead pontificate on the latest Christie’s auction…
  • 265 more words

Nothing Is Happening to you but FOR you

The universe will keep teaching you the same lesson again and again until you get it.  This might often come in varying forms of “bad luck” or “misfortune”.  437 more words

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