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Real life...and the pursuit of loving it.

I am so enamored by this today, I have probably read it a hundred times. I felt so blah today, with all the plates I currently have spinning above my head sometimes I can feel the weight of the possibility of one falling but I try my best to stay calm and fight through it all. 564 more words


I'm not a bohemian

Since moving to Melbourne, I’ve realised something that came to me as a bit of a shock.

I am, in fact, not bohemian.

I tried it. 224 more words


Loud and Proud

Well I’ve been back in Kansas for a week and two days. I finished up my first week of classes and everything is going well, though I can’t wait to have a routine for the rest of the semester. 290 more words

Everyday Life

What lies beneath.

I’ve mentioned it before, but when I moved last month from a one-bedroom apartment to a much, much larger two-bedroom apartment in my complex (one that sits quite literally directly behind the other) it was not a tidy or well-organized affair.  316 more words


You--My Curfew

Complicated to say.
I want you anyway.
You can breathe, and can die.
I’d marry you–no lie.

Complicated to think.
I’ll see you when I blink. 32 more words


Grown Up Stuff #10 - When my body decides "no more white carbs"

As a grown up now I have grown up problems. Like my body deciding that it wants to ruin things for me. And by ruin things for me I don’t mean anything life threatening or massively dangerous. 528 more words

Grown Up Life

I Identify as a Writer...Or at Least I Want To

I’ve been job hunting for the last few months and meanwhile working in an office doing HR and various admin. Most of my applications have been for similar work, at companies that provide room for growth and a basic 9-5 structure so I can go home and be a writer in the time I have for me. 465 more words