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360 days of autonomy

Me: Mom, I’ll be moving out next month

Mom: Okay

Me: I’m serious mom

Mom: Okay

(I had attempted this several times and it didn’t work out, I could understand her doubts, she probably never thought I had the balls to leave the nest) 1,364 more words

Comfort Zone.

A Blurred Upbringing, Part 1: “One of The Guys”

The ‘Blurred Upbringing’ Series is going to be a series of blog posts I put out detailing something strange, memorable, or important from my childhood. After you hear some ramblings about my own upbringing, with images to illustrate my point, you can find the Moral of The Story down at the bottom. 928 more words

Personal Stuff/About Me

Failure at Birth?

I know I haven’t written in a while and I am kind of breaking my pact with my support worker. So in his memory I am forcing myself to write about a little bit of what has been bothering me lately. 3,273 more words


Evil Grins and "Friends" Like Trash Bins

Lately I’ve began to wonder what differences would be made if I simply stopped talking to all my “best friends” one day. Sure one or two might reach out and at least question why. 186 more words



Survived my first week working in the real world! I’m still not used to an 8-hour work day, but at least I eat three meals a day now. 33 more words

Penny For Your Thoughts


Let me say this right here: Boyhood is a brilliant movie. And Richard Linklater is one of the most exciting and intelligent directors currently working in America. 481 more words

Why Teenagers Love Post-Apocalyptic Film

So last night, I went to see Phillip Noyce’s The Giver (2014). What I wanted to come out of the movie knowing: why post-apocalyptic films are so popular with adolescents. 783 more words