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Nostalgia and Realizations and Limbo

A funny thing happened the other day. I can’t remember why, but I decided to browse through old notes I made while in the acute days of… 1,469 more words

Coming to Terms with Imperfection

 A Few Confessions

In the early stages of my life, my diary began to transition from rants and rages about superficial events in my life, to critical internalizations about myself. 822 more words

Growing Pains

An Old Soul

When I was in highschool, an old friend commented on my Facebook wall out of the blue. “You are an old soul,” he said. 

I had no idea what that meant, so naturally, I was deeply insulted. 356 more words

Growing Pains

Travel Plans: Flexed

My last posts all came from Burgos, where my dad and I were shaken loose from our Camino attempt due to his hospitalization. The final verdict is that he had bleeding ulcers most likely caused from anti-inflamatories he was taking each day on the route paired with stress and dehydration. 610 more words

The Proclaimers - Spain

The ex Love Story

There once was a young girl who dropped out of college to pursue her dreams. Along her journey in pursuit of her dreams, this girl, met a boy. 1,345 more words


I want to go back to school. It’s time.

My So Called Life

New-- every single time!

After last night one would think that today would have been full of gloom.
I love how God meets us in our mess and gives us rest when we don’t ever expect to find it. 179 more words

Walking By Faith And Not By Sight