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Melancholy Beauty

Traveling across the country is bringing up all kinds of emotions. The epic beauty and expanse is almost too much to process. I find myself grateful to arrive at the bland motel at the end of the day and rest my brain from the sensory overload. 279 more words



I never knew silence could be so loud.

I walk in the door and the absence of sound is deafening.  For two months, our family shared in the joys and frustrations of caring for an infant.   124 more words


Finally kayaked and made someone's day...

I had the day off today, and so it’s been a long weekend.  A long weekend of doing absolutely nothing and eating barely anything.  A weekend feeling paralyzed.   1,139 more words


Time does not stand still

This is a week in the calendar year that I am reminded: time does not stand still.

This picture was taken 10 years ago almost to the day. 582 more words

Healing Journey

We Are Ferguson

We Are Ferguson

Some pain cannot be hidden, I have put off writing about the Ferguson, Missouri teen, Michael Brown…as long as I possible could. 824 more words


Why I Write to My Dead Father on Facebook

It’s a social media world, at least in 2014 America. Much of my life is on Facebook: the personal, the political, the professional, and now, the paranormal? 465 more words


Reconnecting and Replacing

I woke up this morning feeling a bit sorry for myself.  I was thinking about how badly I wanted to wake up next to Jason and obnoxiously pry one of his sleepy eyelids open while interrogating him about where we would be eating brunch.   420 more words