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Matcha Green Tea Pound Cake

Happy Labor Day y’all – are you ready to TURN UP…your oven? (In all seriousness, I hope you didn’t wake up this morning with a raging hangover from ratchet long weekend festivities!) 383 more words


DIY SKIN: Coconut Oil + Brown Sugar Exfoliator

If there is one thing I spend way too much money on, it has to be beauty products. Sephora is my weakness and their beauty rewards program keeps me coming back for more each and every week. 757 more words


How to brew your green Tea?

Green tea is surely the ‘go-to’ health beverage for every health food junkie, from rookies to pros! Green tea sippers swear by its weight reducing, cancer preventing and acne free beautiful skin giving (and several other) benefits. 164 more words


Midday ramblings

So far today I’ve eaten a medium apple and drank 2 cups of green tea. I’m also drinking a ton of water to stop myself feeling hungry. 143 more words

Weight Loss

Don't Just Drink green tea

Hey Guys,

This post is all about how to reap the benefits of green tea by not just drinking it.

In my house all my family loves green tea. 259 more words


Matcha smoothie shot

So for the past couple of weeks I have been making matcha shots and having them in the morning.  So far I’ve noticed that I’m much perkier throughout the whole day (even my supervisor at work said I had been particularly chirpy in the past couple of weeks) and I don’t seem to be yawning as much as I did before.   167 more words

Green Tea