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"Workers Are At The Mercy Of Markets": The Great Recession Shifted Bargaining Power To Employers

The questions hanging over Labor Day 2014 are whether and when the United States gets a pay raise. Ever since the 2008-2009 financial crisis, the job market has been in a state of heartbreaking weakness. 766 more words



Ok Sherman, set the way back machine for 2005. I was sitting in my hotel room at the Chicago ComicCon watching some numbnutz on CNN talk about the new financial options available in this red red RED hot housing market. 413 more words

Employment Rate in Canada and the United States since the Last Recession - Both flat

The employment rate corresponds to the percentage of the working-age population that is employed. It allows the interpretation of employment growth in relation to population growth. 216 more words

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Bill collectors calling your boss? Here’s what to do

Dear Annie: I have a problem I’m not proud of, but I’m sure I’m not the only one, so here goes. I always paid my bills on time and had an almost-perfect credit score before I got laid off in 2009. 876 more words


Millennials aren't buying homes, and there are good reasons why

At some point, every twenties-something millennial ponders when it might be time to buy a home.  It’s one of those things we’re supposed to do to achieve the American Dream.   564 more words

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Survey: 61 Percent Of Americans Say Great Recession Permanently Hurt Economy

WASHINGTON (AP) – Americans are more anxious about the economy now than they were right after the Great Recession ended despite stock market gains, falling unemployment and growth moving closer to full health. 542 more words


Faith-based Politics

Dang. I know it’s not polite to brag, I told you so, but I just can’t help it. For most of the last four years I’ve been blogging, progressives (a group I admit having joined in the process) have been arguing with conservative bloggers about the “financial cliff”. 528 more words