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Literary Confessions: 5 Books I Gave Up On From Page One

It’s getting on two weeks since last I discussed books and the like separately from blog reviews as a whole, and I couldn’t help but notice that posting has come in fives this month. 870 more words

Books And Literature

Then a winner stands alone..

Alright, alright! Dickens for the win!

Now you’d better check on your coffee supply, and make up your cozy couch, ’cause we start on the morrow.  59 more words

Book Club

All Mixed Up in There

I’ve been writing. Not posting. Just writing. Here are some of the recent compositions:

  • The post I wrote about why it sucks being married to an awesome wife and mother…
  • 826 more words

Art Expectations 263&4 Bible Scale

Pip needs to find Magwitch (also known as the Convict and Provis, Pip’s “uncle”) an apartment close to his. Herbert arrives back in London in a few days so he had better act quick. 330 more words

Great Expectations

No not the book, but the boat, featured in an earlier post here

She is a pure fuel carrier OSV operated by Stone Fuel, capacity of 1.5 million gallons. 14 more words

Maritime Photography

Consult before exit - 8/25/14

Dooped again by the farce of a friend

who made me so in love

with our time. 

You are mine.

Or were, at that. 

Since there are no eggshells… 15 more words

Friday night movie: Saboteur (1942)

Here’s tonight’s movie:

IMDB mean rating:

IMDB median rating:


Aircraft factory worker Barry Kane is accused of starting a fire at a Glendale, California airplane plant during World War II, an act of sabotage that killed his friend Mason.

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