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At some point...

At some point
we need to let go
of what was
and work with
what is.

~the Rose


Nightcap - August 28

Netflix and IP law are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar




Lets be honest, stats can be boring. Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to having my mind proverbially blown by a good stat. 478 more words


Before The Break

I am taking what my son usually refers to as a “creative break”.

I’ve been doodling along at such an extent, lately, that my computer mouse is beginning to collapse and my right shoulder is aching to á level where I have been considering calling my physician to get some heavy painkillers. 183 more words

Should every nonparametric test be accompanied by a bootstrap confidence interval?

Well, duh. Obviously. Because (a) every test should have a CI and (b) bootstrap CIs are just awesome. You can get a CI around almost any statistic, they account for non-normality and boundaries. 402 more words


Retrospective No. 51 Watch Dogs

Last week I had a lot of fun being up to date for a change, writing about what a fantastic time I had playing Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes. 786 more words


Mystery Case Files: A Fangirls' Perspective

Big Fish Games is an awesome gaming company. They make the most beautiful hidden object games ever that makes me want to work for them as a writer for their games’ narratives. 295 more words