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Great Grandparents

I am very fortunate that I still have a Grandmother around – my Mum’s Mum – and also an ‘honorary’ one!  

The honorary Grandma is actually my best friend’s Grandma – but she’s been in my life for almost 30 years – and she thinks of me as one of her own grandchildren.   792 more words


Does time only fly when your having fun?

Here i am for my obligatory 6 month blog post.

Don’t get me wrong – its not that nothing’s happening – quite the opposite – its seems that so much is happening that i never get the chance to sit down quietly to put pen to paper ( so to speak!) 396 more words

In Loving Memory... A Response to the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Well i dont know about you, but my facebook page has been flooded with videos of people i know or work with or even shared videos of people i dont know, pouring ice-filled water over their heads. 509 more words

It's the Journey - Part IV

After a day and night full of festive celebrations, I took the back roads north. Sunroof open and music playing, I chose to make it a time to restore. 247 more words


Robb's fishing trip with my mam resulted in...

…a bowlfull of plums! Not forgetting the eel they caught. {Eeww}.. Not a bowlfull of them, thankfully, but one which is now back in the river. 139 more words


Small Maple Table Reminds Me of When My Sister Was Born

When my siblings and I divided up the furniture and personal items we wanted to each keep from our parents and grandparents, I chose a small maple table from the kitchen in our house in the Catskills. 850 more words


The Importance of Elders - guest post

On the weekend just past we had the opportunity to take my grandparents beautiful old boat out on the Blackwood River. It was something that our girls had never had the opportunity to do and I can safely say that Nai and I were both as excited as the twins about the adventure ahead. 325 more words