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More street art

This horse is painted on a door next to Flex on the canal. It’s raining today… boooo!



Szarość, graffiti, kolaboracje, Szczecin. “I’m a human being, god damn it! My life has value!” (pol. ‘jestem ludzką istotą do cholery. Moje życie ma wartość!’). Cytat pochodzi z filmu “Sieć z roku 1976.


Funky Graffiti Furnishings By Dudeman by Decorationzy

Scientists say: Graffiti have been about for 42,000 years. From the scribbles in Neanderthal cave in Spain, via the Roman Empire to the contemporary planet of art, this now-accepted form of street art makes it possible for artist to let their creativity and imagination roam freely…. 16 more words


Over the past few months I have been slowly transitioning my styles into a more authentic and meaningful form. The flower is a representation of my family that has been around for hundreds of years. 23 more words

Sydney Streets: Graffiti

On a recent trip to Sydney we went for a Sunday stroll around the streets of New Town and St Peters where we stumbled across a series of back streets that had a fair amount of graffiti on the fences and walls.   39 more words


"digital" work from the last fewdays.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been playing with some photo’s and an old painting of mine.

Golgotha (the place of the skull).

I painted the upside down skull a few months ago but I decided to re-visit it digitally. 49 more words