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An Italian Doctor Joins the Bureaucrat Hall of Fame

In April of 2013, I introduced a Moocher Hall of Fame to “celebrate” some very odious examples of welfare dependency.

Since that time, I keep thinking that it’s time to do something similar for government bureaucrats. 596 more words

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Lower Tax Rates > Targeted Tax Credits | International Liberty

The tax-credit reformers also argue that their proposals are much less susceptible to class-warfare demagoguery that is the supply-side approach, since tax relief flows to lower- and middle-income voters.

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The Government Is Spending A Million Dollars To Examine Twitter Memes

I once heard it said that Twitter is a great place for marketers to talk to other marketers about marketing. It seems that four researchers at Indiana University want to test what hashtag trends are legitimate internet memes and what’s just a bunch of malarkey. 284 more words

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eBay for Elective Surgery Faces Potential Government Crackdown

The biggest breakthrough in health care cost saving may be squashed like a bug if government regulators get involved. Uncle Sam doesn’t like competition with Obamacare. 18 more words


Europe's Problem Is Excessive Spending, not Austerity

It’s remarkable to read that European politicians are agitating to spend more money, supposedly to make up for “spending cuts” and austerity.

To put it mildly, their… 636 more words

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Australia's Worrisome Fiscal Drift

I’m in Australia for Consilium, an annual conference which is hosted by the Centre for Independent Studies.

I spoke on fiscal policy and pontificated on the need for nations to… 1,096 more words

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Is Southern Conservatism Just Plain Old Racism?

Source: Salon via AlterNet

Author: Paul Rosenberg

Emphasis Mine

 As events in Ferguson continue to dominate public political attention, it’s worthwhile to take a step back and take a long hard look… 3,072 more words