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Lower Tax Rates vs. Targeted Tax Credits, Part II

I wrote a column for the Wall Street Journal last week about the policy debate over whether it’s better to lower tax rates or to provide targeted tax cuts for parents. 1,415 more words


Burger King Dodging Taxes, Facing Boycott?

On Yahoo! News, we read:

Small, medium or large? The amount of outrage over Burger King’s deal to buy a Canadian donut chain could possibly determine whether the deal goes through — …

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Is The Economy; Growing, Shrinking, Or Exactly Where It Should Be?

Is the economy growing, or shrinking? Looking for answers to this question by listening to political rhetoric won’t help you find the answer. Politicians will always state the opposite of what their opponents assert about the economy, and will propagandize economic data in an attempt to prove these assertions. 931 more words

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Blaming the Victim

While it’s great to see The Boston Globe finally acknowledge the terrible conditions for pedestrians in Boston, the way they did so was decidely interesting. 546 more words

Some Praise for a Minor Part of Obamacare

I like to think that very few people despise Obamacare more than me.

I don’t like Obamacare because it’s a fiscal boondoggle.

I don’t like Obamacare because it’s… 793 more words


The Myth That Is UK Economic Control

During my studies at college, I found that Economics textbooks spouted never-ending theories about the powers of economic manipulation that the government had at their disposal. 1,616 more words

Economic History

COMMENTS: Rejoinder to Nic BORAIN Part 1

COMMENT: Rejoinder to Nic BORAIN’s “Hold Fast Comrades: the Thatcher-lites are upon us”: nicborain@wordpress.com


Why is the South African economy not growing: is it due to market failures or to a failure of politics? 1,717 more words