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Thrifty Thursday: gluten free sausages

The Aldi super-six this week are figs (3/4), mangetout (150g), garlic (4), cocktail vine tomatoes (250g), nectarine (4/5) and fun size pears (7-10). They are all 69p. 634 more words


Breath taken away in Punta Cana- Breathless!

Why would I have to wait to exhale? Because even while pinching myself, I felt as if I am dreaming. Traveling with a dear friend, we had spent the three previous nights at similarly priced adults only in the DR. 1,260 more words


Cotswold Cheese

Summer may be winding down but there are still a few good weekends left to heat up the BBQ. And what better cheese is there than Cotswold to serve up at your next gathering? 271 more words


i still eat tofu, not Eggos

my dog eats strange petrified shit
cat shit
month old cat vomit
mixed with
cat shit
but she
will not

the park pigeons… 21 more words




每年在美國的11個月,隨時隨地的在搜集臺灣的美食資訊,從電視新聞,世界日報,網路美食推薦,朋友email, 務必做到滴水不漏,我都會整理匯總存在一個名叫”gourmet food” 的 e-mail folder,在台北要用餐之前,立馬調出這個重要 folder, 像古代皇帝一樣,每天翻不同的牌子,而且一天還可以翻好幾塊,因為全盛時期,可以從早午餐,翻到下午茶,然後晚餐,最後還來了頓夜宵,我們全家都樂此不疲,每頓酒足飯飽之際,全家三人還各自評審給分,檢討失分主因,真是標準的”好吃家族”.



An Onboard Dining Experience by Eurostar

Here to tickle your tastebuds, is our onboard dining experience by Eurostar. Two gourmet lunches were served up to us, as part of the Business Premier Class train tickets. 464 more words


Brooklyn Bangers

Depending on which Bottle King you frequent, you may have noticed a new line of gourmet sausages arriving in the stores. Brooklyn Bangers have been exploding throughout New York City. 248 more words

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