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10 Day Bookworm Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: Make a playlist for your book


The book that I got today was Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. For me this was quite a tricky one to create a brand new playlist for as the book is set in the 1800’s and I felt that a lot of modern music related to the book but did not quite suit it. 193 more words


Rotten Sam and Sandy

Say hi to my new friends Rotten Sam and Sandy! They are my first Living Dead Dolls that I just bought and I love them. My only complaint is that they giggle and run around my room at night, but they’re just having fun. 13 more words

Die So Fluid - The Opposites of Light

Die So Fluid is a trio out of the UK that plays way more music than one would think a three-piece band could play. I could try to encapsulate them by comparing them to some band or other, but they aren’t like many (any?) bands. 220 more words


DIY Ripped Jeans

There is nothing worse to me than throwing away a perfectly good pair of jeans just because you don’t wear them any more. That is what I was about to do with these old, slightly too big, washed out skinnies. 303 more words

I'm use to it...

I’m use to it…At times the silence is deafening but it has now become my companion…

I’m use to it…The cold is numbing but my heart no longer yearns for the warmth of you… 111 more words


First Impressions: What People Really Think Of You

When it comes to making a first impression, we all know your appearance plays a huge role in what people think of you. This is why people always tell you to look your best when you go to an interview. 659 more words