Bound by Freedom: What's in a Name?

Before Sara and I even got engaged, one of the conversations we frequently discussed was, “What are we gonna do about our last names?” In my own thoughts, I hadn’t truly given it a lot of thought mostly having just assumed that we would take my name. 937 more words

Being Human

No Worries: Another Look at "Cold-Calling" in the Classroom

In a new article in Parade, “How to Build a Better Teacher,” education journalist Elizabeth Green describes the five teaching strategies that may have the greatest impact on student learning. 889 more words

Classroom Community

We live in the world our questions create

-David Cooperrider

I recently stumbled on an article on appreciative inquiry, a theory  developed by David Cooperrider which holds that questions focusing on strengths and using positive language are far more useful to organizations than questions with a negative focus.

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