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You've Been Drinking Your Coffee Wrong

Do you drink your coffee between 8am and 9am? You’re doing it wrong.

WITHOUT your morning coffee, your days just would never start. Coffee is the be all, start all … after all. 473 more words



It’s been a while since we had some jazz here: and who better to provide it than my old chum Michael Steinman, who writes the following at his bog, … 234 more words

Jim D

The Cutest Seal-Pup Rescue

The tenderness and adorableness factor of this video were just impossible to not want to share …

So glad these good people rescued this baby (even if they did at first think he was a girl … that’s okay … I don’t think the pup minded, with them making sure he was comfy and treating him ever so gently). 16 more words

Good Stuff!

My Personal Hell: Holding

Today started off great. Washed dishes, Cleaned up the apartment a little bit. Drank 16 oz of water. Then, Barclaycard US called me to tell me that their was a suspicious charge to my account, so I’ve been waiting on the phone for over an hour now, and I will continue until either an operator picks up or the company hangs up on me. 87 more words


Day Twenty-Six - What Kind of Person Attracts You

This is day twenty-six of November’s Thirty Day Challenge/Discovery.

I’m attracted to people who seem like they’ve got it together. When people know who they are and are okay with that, then I think those people are the most attractive. 97 more words

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Good morning (or evening)! We are officially here in China… and it’s awesome! Ok, so we haven’t really been able to see anything but just seeing my girlfriend is absolutely great – hence making China awesome already. 231 more words

Good People