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Witch Brooding

I’ve got a beauty as cold as ice.

A stare that still and shifts like colors in the aurora sky.

And when tears stroll down my cheeks these eyes steal the heat from the air. 141 more words


Missing Someone

Sometimes when someone special has gone away on a long journey, you start to miss them. Wherever they go, you start wondering what sort of trials and challenges they will face. 141 more words



Deep breath, in.


deep breathe, out. 

hold. hold. hold.

My heart pounds harder and harder trying to disperse the oxygen throughout my body, but can’t because I am cutting off it’s supply. 117 more words


Never After

There goes my happy ever after

As I barrel straight to a brand new disaster

My life has been cursed by an old, evil hag… 215 more words


Dear You

Dear You,

If I had you sitting right across from me, I guess I would be begging you to take me back. I know I fucked up, and excuse my prude language, and all I can say is I am sorry. 801 more words



I can’t trust anything you say
I can’t trust any action you make
You’re not who I fell in love with
You’re not who I imagined spending my life with… 31 more words

Stormy Weather

In this shelter
Waiting out yet another storm.
How can I still be torn,
It feels like ages.
When you ripped all our pages,
That chapter ended. 112 more words