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Signs In The Sky...

Cloud gazing, it was such a fun thing to do as a child! 😄 For hours, you’d lay in the yard deciphering what animals and objects you could make out…”Ooo look a duck, a pig, a cow, a dragon riding an elephant over a castle!”…lol! 429 more words

Connections: Apollo and Daphne and Perfume

I love it when this happens. 

Just after I was pondering the beauty of Bernini’s sculpture, I walked into my Year 11 IB class today and my mentoring teacher had given the students a handout with this painting of Apollo and Daphne on it.  224 more words

Rebuilding the TBR pile

There are times when I start five or so books and then get mired in a seemingly endless, yet completely unsatisfactory, readathon. I get busy and forget about three of those, and the other two turn out to be mediocre, or just not the books I want to read. 195 more words


New features

Adding new features to my blog. Just added all the maps that are used in the Pathfinders series. Still working out the Pathfinders’ contest details. If no one bothers or it doesn’t go well, then I think i will need to something drastic LOL… 19 more words


Inward Planes

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Inward planes of colours supported

dimensions, transmigrations; soul’s deported

in all ways, path-day and emotions

lead to Nirvana, One with God’s reported… 143 more words


Dragons Vs. Angels

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Think for yourself, maintain your own health

wealth subsides in non-conformist routes

question Authority; your a minority

yet common tear’s drop circlet rings… 634 more words


“Promotion it’s God Business.”


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