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Blissful Sting

Words from my husband, Jesse Robertson – Winter 2014

Feeling the blissful sting of snow on ones face is a beautiful feeling. Winter… Winter is a time for reflection, a time for meditation, a time for prayer. 264 more words


We Pop Champagne

A long time ago, I began losing interest in celebrating my birthday. But this year, for some reason, I am actually a little excited.

Who knows what the month of September has in store for me and mine. 27 more words



GIVE ME WISDOM to see those things that are baneful and harmful to me

GRANT ME STRENGTH to graciously accept the things that benefit my soul and make me adept… 82 more words

Magickal Arts


Something from the archives of my BOS, dated November 13 2011:

Allow me to know you tonight. Come and sit by my side. Hold me close to your heart. 347 more words


Bald. Blond. Black. (A New Type of Goddess)

I watch them walk
those new goddesses
Stand tall
Walk bold
Glow grand
Aura gold
Your hair cut low in defiance or declaration, I never mind it until we’re alone and can talk some more… 96 more words

Aspects of the Goddess, Aspects of Self

There are several different ways to perceive the Goddess.  Some prefer to see her as an unknowable being and as the feminine balance of Spirit.  On the other hand, I and other practitioners agree with that sentiment but also break her down into different archetypes of women.   351 more words