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God's Love (LOTE: Bible NT)

LOTE: Bible NT

John (Ioanes) 3:16

16 “NeHalang lemene tau tote hehei pe hana nga ich nei. Pomalam tung hote tuna elle mana nem. Pe iri nenge leteria manmanna nge i lape te mene maulinga ke koko. Te mete sapele ero.


The Object of Our Faith

I am a Christian. God is the object of my faith.

I have faith that an eternal God has created all that was, is and ever will be. 271 more words

Paul Armstrong

Shades of Grace

          I knew I should have skipped that second cup of coffee.  Instead of hitting the road in the comfort of an early hour, I found myself heading out for my “morning” jog just as the sun was starting to heat the land. 425 more words


Forgiveness of a prostitute

The Messenger of God, upon whom be peace, said:

‘Forgiveness was granted to a prostitute! She came upon a dog at the mouth of a well, who was panting and was about to die of thirst. 60 more words


God's Love (LOKPA: Bible NT)


John (Yohaani) 3:16

16 Pə taɣa pʋlʋ, Ɩsɔ sɔɔla yəlaa tənaɣa sɔsɔm, haləna ɩ́ caŋ ɩ́ ha ɩ Pəyaɣa ɩkpamlɛ, sɩ pa təna mpa paa təŋ ka tɔm tɔ, pá taa sɩ, ama pá hiki weesuɣu ŋku kɩɩ tɛŋ tɔ.


Choices! Learning to Choose You!

Choices: the act of choosing between two or more possibilities. Sometime in 2008, I was having a discussion with my roommate who was trying to make a decision about something (I forget what it was now…old age don de worry me small). 1,357 more words


Hope in the minds.

Maybe hope is something that makes us happy,sad,angry..angry that you cant give up on that thing even tho you know its impossible.but let’s think how can hope be the easiest thing to feel..like God wants us to try to reach our goals and the things that makes us happy.Ever wonder about people who suffer from cancer..they never lose hope and watching them not losing hope makes me wonder they are tired,sick and kinda sad about it but still they never refuse to give up their lives.They give me hope that tomorrow will be better and poor people in the streets that you find smiling.They still try and think that maybe hope would give their hearts little beats to be alive.