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Soft-Boiled Scotch Eggs

Scotch eggs are a common picnic and party dish in the UK, and have been around for over 200 years. I first had one at the local Maryland Renaissance Festival some years back. 585 more words


Last Day

So today is my official last day of summer…which means tomorrow is my LAST first day of school!

Tomorrow I will move back to Minneapolis, which means I will be very close to my BFFs Linda and Ben. 363 more words


Double chocolate trail mix bites

For our second wedding anniversary yesterday I decided to make Man-thing some freezer treats, since I’m a fan of edible presents. I’m not a super romantic person and my love language is feeding others, so this was as much for my own gratification as it was for his ;) Using protein in different ways is grand, and I’m so chuffed that my experiment worked out, because I’m rather over using peanut butter continuously for my freezer bars! 823 more words


Yesterday something magical happened...

This blog post will not represent Harry Potter or anything else magical. What happend yesterday is greater than that. Yesterday I sat down at my gf’s place and we were planning this week’s dinners. 180 more words

About Food

RECIPE REVIEW: The Vegan 8 Baking Day {aka International 'Baking' Day}

So, it wasn’t actually International Baking Day. In fact, it was International Bacon Day, but my mom misunderstood me and the entire day thought it was International Baking Day. 823 more words


Individual Chilled Chocolate, Lime & Coconut Tarts

Deciding which recipe to post next has been tough! I wanted to post something with a real ‘wow factor’ – something that you’d find hard to believe was really vegan… 695 more words


The Inflammation Test - A Surprising Lesson

Since I’m only two days out of my day of destruction, I don’t have much by way of results to give you just yet. What I really want to share with you right now, is something surprising I learned…and got really pissed about. 2,147 more words

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