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The tag was originally just movies but I wanted to add in TV series because I don’t want my answers to be repetitive with the same movies. 612 more words


Trusting God

God tested David and David failed the test.  It may seem like an unkind test for a loving God, but God knew David and knew what it would take to wake him out of any spiritual slump he was in.  545 more words

Spiritual Life

Birth Story: Part 6 – Calvin, the One Who Brought the Angels!

Two years after Cooper was born, the time had come for me to give birth again. Once again, my water broke during the night. I went to the bathroom and returned to bed to try to get some sleep before the contractions started. 1,538 more words

Voice Of God

When I racially profile God: thoughts on anger & suffering

What do you do with your anger?

This is a question I have been asking myself, and a few others around me over the past couple months. 1,122 more words

When Image Matters

I was rushing down the path to class the other morning, doing my best to stay dry. The tropical rain had turned the red dirt road into a flowing mud gulley, but I wasn’t worried. 829 more words


Pastor's Ponderings, Wonderings, Wanderings

My good friend Jeannie Perkins challenged me on Facebook to list three things daily that I am thankful for. This will be my first day and I will try to post each day on Facebook and here too. 159 more words

Wesley United Methodist Church

A Grand Future to Look Forward To

After the devotional Picture of How Life Will Be, we should be ready to praise God with song and give thanks in all circumstances. Described to us is a glimpse of heaven; the temperature is perfect, there is plenty of food, everyone is healthy, and there are golden streets, and houses. 96 more words