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A Manga-tude of Anime attention

It is fitting that this week the DIGC202 topic surrounds the discussion of the attention economy, and how digital networks are creating hugely refined markets that transcend the need to physically buy, view or communicate. 790 more words


Welcome to Fall 2014

Hello, here is the syllabus for the CMS 330 Global media course:
Syllabus CMS330 Fall 2014

Global Media

Global Media

1-Global media is one of valuable inventions of a man. It includes TV, radio, newspaper etc.
2-Global media gives us information about different things like different kind of animal, weather reports etc. 21 more words

Global Media

"If there is a Global Village, it speaks American" - BCM111 Week 2

Todd Gitlen proclaimed this. I think it’s safe to say that he has a very valid point because I’m sure most of us would recognise these images. 387 more words


Copyright Monkeybusiness

Perhaps you’ve seen this picture of a female Celebes crested macaque. The picture is unusual in several ways. First, the expression is priceless. To peer into the soul of a subject and capture it on film in such a powerful way is truly amazing. 226 more words

New Media

Virtual Tragedy

The growth of online gaming and virtual reality technology has exploded around the world, but perhaps nowhere more dramatically than in the nation of South Korea. 176 more words

New Media