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John F. Hall Jr.: What next? #RussiainvadedUkraine #Putin #Russia #Ukraine

John F. Hall Jr.Ukrainian servicemen rest near their military equipment inside a military camp in the Donetsk region, on August 29, 2014. NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen urged Russia on August 29 to halt its “illegal” military actions in Ukraine, accusing it of a “dangerous” attempt to destabilise its western neighbour. 1,375 more words


The Beheading of James Foley: Real of Fake? 7 Points of Interest ...

This month a video went viral on Twitter and YouTube depicting an American journalist (James Foley) beheaded by an alleged British member of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq & Syria). 2,582 more words

Beheading James Foley

Doing my part through contemplative practice

I am about to go into retreat for a week. Usually retreat is a time to work with one’s own mind and heart. But these last few months have seen such a cavalcade of world turmoil that my impulse is to direct all of my contemplative efforts toward transforming the violent and hate-filled beliefs, thoughts and actions which are driving intra-national and intra-religious mass killings and forced conversions. 227 more words

Buddhist Psychology

World at War (haiku + commentary)

Man hasn’t evolved
Primal thirst for blood still there
The world is at war.

American police militarised, tanks and weapons aimed at citizens;
black and unarmed easy targets, easy excuses for those prejudiced. 324 more words


Quote of the Day

Imagine That — I’m Still Anti-War.

July 16 2014

Most of us have heard John Lennon sing

“You may say I’m a dreamer,… but I’m not the only one.” 434 more words


Some Truth About The International Weapons Trade

Here we have Abby Martin of Breaking the Set going into some truth about how American Weapons Manufacturers are making a killing by arming many of the killers of the world… While Abby Martin can at times be very biased (overtly leftwing), I would find it difficult to argue with any of the points she makes here. Worth a view.

World Cup Losers... 'Deserving' to Win? (Warning Signs of Arrogance Beget Aggression?)

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t ‘get’ soccer – another one of those Americans who can’t appreciate the world’s most popular game, I suppose. 1,733 more words