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Saved the best for last

Silverton’s art festival was this past weekend and was the best of the whole run.  The weather was perfect, not too hot, I was in filtered sunlight, perfect for my glass, and the fellow artists and patrons were great.  308 more words

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There is Sunshine in Sunriver

It is a beautiful day at the Sunriver Art Faire.
I sit in my booth, surrounded by artists whose livelihood depends upon their sales. Driving thousands of miles, they travel like gypsies with their art. 164 more words

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First City Celebration in Oregon City this Saturday

The Gresham Arts Festival was FUN as it always is.  Lots of people, lots of music, lots of art interest.  I had a great time and people liked, and bought, my glass.  68 more words

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I am who I am because of all my life experiences, but…I wonder how I would have turned out had I always lived in the Portland area? 518 more words

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