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Creating a Git Repository

Creating a git repository is actually very simple. The first time I opened git bash it seemed intimidating and I had no clue on how to go about doing anything with git. 812 more words

Getting Started

Getting started with Git

Git seems to be getting really popular. Multiple projects that I work on use git for code revision control. That’s why I decided it is time I learnt “git”. 235 more words

Getting Started

Useful Git Commands: URL Rewriting

People have to use SSH or HTTPS to push to GitHub, but when fetching one can use git’s own network protocol because it is generally faster. 199 more words


The Importance of Git Hooks

So I was working this morning and got one of those bloody awful Rails stack traces — every error was at the system layer and I could not make any progress debugging it.   585 more words


Tools for Agile Development (1)


Agile practices are mostly about adaptation, flexibility, efficiency and manageable  time -boxed progress. There are many tools that help engineers and developers adopt these practices and make them part of everyday development routines. 720 more words




“Android widgets to implement folding animation”

Librería de Android que permite crear una animación de plegar.

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Git: how to resolve merge conflicts | softwarecave

Often the git command-line is easier to than merge a combination of changes, moves and deletions using SourceTree.

If you know how to read the… 19 more words